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Prof. Zhen Hu, Prof. Jinsong Wu, Prof. A. Sundaramanickam, Dr. Md Galal Uddin, Dr. Hamza Ighnih will Be Present At ICWRME2023 Conference!

ICWRME2023 will be held in a more convenient online way on October 26, 2023. Prof. Zhen Hu, Prof. Jinsong Wu, Prof. A. Sundaramanickam, Dr. Md Galal Uddin, Dr. Hamza Ighnih will Be Present At ICWRME2023 Conference!

Zhen Hu is currently a professor of Environmental Engineering and Vice Dean at the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shandong University, China. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at year 2011, and has been working in the field of wastewater treatment and resource utilization since then. His research interest includes novel biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal technologies, constructed wetland, recycling of chemical energy in sewage, and the greenhouse emission from sewage treatment process. He has published over 50 SCI papers as first/corresponding author in peer reviewed journals such as Environ. Sci. Technol. and Water Res. He has been authorized 7 Chinese patents and 1 U.S. patent. He also served as Youth Editorial Board Member of Journal of Environmental Science, Committee Member of IWA-YWP, Member of Chinese Society for Environmental Science, and et al.

Jinsong Wu is currently an Associate Professor in Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Chile, Chile. Dr. Jinsong Wu is the Founder and Founding Editor-in-Chief for the new international journal, Green Technologies and Sustainability (GTS). He received 2020 IEEE Green Communications and Computing Technical Committee Distinguished Technical Achievement Recognition Award, for his outstanding technical leadership and achievement in green wireless communications and networking, and received 2017 IEEE Green Communications and Computing Technical Committee Excellent Services Award for his Excellent Technical Leadership and Services in the Green Communications and Computing Community. He was the leading Editor and a co-author of the comprehensive book, entitled “Green Communications: Theoretical Fundamentals, Algorithms, and Applications”, published by CRC Press in September 2012, which has been recognized as the very first comprehensive published book effort on green communications covering broad topics of green wireless communications, green wireline communications, general relevant green topics and applications in one book using a research perspective. Dr. Wu was the Founder (2011) and Founding Chair (2011-2017) of IEEE Technical Committee on Green Communications and Computing (TCGCC), IEEE Communications Society. He is also the Co-Founder (2014) and Founding Vice-Chair (2015-present) of IEEE Technical Committee on Big Data (TCBD) , IEEE Communications Society. He is Steering Committee Member and IEEE Communications Society Representative in IEEE Environmental Engineering Initiative under IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB), starting in 2016. Dr. Wu has  participated in international conferences for many times and invited as the chair of conferences. Besides, he is also the editor of several journals in the related fields. He currently is an IEEE Senior Member.

Prof. A. Sundaramanickam received his PhD degree from Aunnamalai University in 2004. He currently works as an associate professor at the Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Annamalai University, India. His research interests include Marine pollution monitoring, impact assessment studies, Heavy metals, Microplastics, Hydrocarbons, Bioremediation of pollutants and Biosynthesis & application of functionalized nanoparticles. Prof. A. Sundaramanickam presided or participated in several research projects funded, such as Impact of aquaculture activities on early life cycle of finfishes in Muthupet mangrove ecosystem, Sea Water Quality Monitoring Under Coastal Research Scheme, Assessment of inland and marine fishery resources of Puducherry state and development of software, etc. He has published more than 80 papers in high-quality international journals, and 8 book chapters. He won many awards, including Best Researcher Price Award (Publications) (2022-2023, 2017-2019, 2016-2017), and Young Research Award (2017-2018) by Authorities of Annamalai University. He also attended kins of conferences or seminars actively and make contributions. He is serving as an Academic Editor of Plos One Journal. 

Dr. Md Galal Uddin received his PhD degree from University of Galway in 2023. During his PhD project, he took on the role of a teacher assistant and taught several undergraduate and postgraduate modules, and taught courses in water quality, data science applications, waterbody modeling, and water resources. He currently works as postdoctoral researcher at University of Galway, and is charge of analyzing and reconstructing environmental data, particularly Irish Sea and North Atlantic Ocean water quality data, and developing ML and AI algorithms for various environmental applications, and apply water quality index models and assess water quality in different environments. Dr. Md Galal Uddin is the developer of the Irish Water Quality Index (IEWQI) model, which specifically targets coastal and transitional water quality assessments. His current research focuses on marine, transitional, and coastal water quality, as well as their associated ecosystems. Dr. Md Galal Uddin also presides and participates in several projects funded, and has published several articles in international journals, more than 10 conference papers or abstracts, and 1 book chapter. He has served as journal editor and reviewer, and has been a lead research investigator in the EcoHydroInformatics Research Group (EHIRG) and has contributed to major international and national projects.

Dr. Hamza Ighnih is from the Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Zohr University, Agadir and is in the third year of his doctoral studies. Dr.Hamza Ighnih is expert in the  Materials Chemistry and has published 9 articles in the international journals about the related fields. Dr.Hamza Ighnih actively participated in many international conferences, shared his views and played an active role in the conferences, including a conference just concluded----National days for doctoral students and young researchers CNRST-Rabat, Morocco, 21, 22 July 2023. He also participated in several project researches in related fields and accomplished the project tasks excellently. Dr.Hamza Ighnih's research interests include Chemical and physicochemical analysis methods and conducted tutorial sessions for the "Solution Chemistry" module (SMP2) at the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Ait Melloul, Morocco.